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If your company is based in Palm Beach, Florida and you are in need of quality, professional janitorial services then please consider Image Companies, LLC.

Our company uses only environment-safe janitorial products and supplies so you can feel good knowing you are doing your part.

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The Image Companies » Paper Products & Janitorial Supplies

We have a separate paper products and janitorial supplies division that carries the best (environment-friendly) products at the very low prices.

Whether you need paper products or basic janitorial supplies, we can help. We carry a full line of products for commercial janitorial services or establishments that buy in bulk. We sell (wholesale) environment-safe products to companies around the United States.

The key to a successful janitorial program is supervision.

There are many words for it: Trust but verify, Inspect what you expect etc. Simply put we check our employees. All programs are set up with a Lead janitor for daily excutition and supervision of staff. In addition there will be a permanently assigned Account Manager who will work with Lead and Staff to ensure quality. The Account
Manager will also meet with the client on scheduled basis to address client concerns, receive feedback and identify opportunities for service. All clients will have multiple ways to relay information and requests.

  1. Account Manager Cell Phone

  2. Account Manager Email.

  3. Image Corporate Office Operations Clerk. The Operations Clerk works in support of the Account Manager to
    schedule special services, receive and dispatch client concerns to the Account Manager and ensure clients communications are promptly dealt with. 561-844-8778 Ext 0

  4. Clients may also email to correspondence and requests to


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